"we raise alpacas with love and care"

Tarja's handicraft hobby lead us to buy a couple of alpacas in 2014. It has been true worth of it and we have plan to increase  our alpaca family in the future.

Feel free to contact us if you want visit our alpaca farm.

Our first alpacas

Brown Goldie, black Eeva and Helinä (backround) were our first alpacas that we bought  in 2014. Black colored Eeva is the guard in the girl herd. Alpakkavilla's hostess favorite is Goldie because she has lovely wool and temperamental nature.

Meet Petteri

When Petteri was born his nose was so red that we named him Petteri like the "Rudolf the red nose reindeer". He is a white stallion who has taken the place of the leader in our boy herd with his brave nature. We have five boys in our boy herd: Hugo, Eeli, Petteri, Ewald and little brown Ludvig boy.

Alpaca girls

We have now 10 alpaca girls. Another from our little brown alpacas is called Evita who has got her name from Evita Peron. In front of the picture you can see white girl called Grace whos been named after Grace Kelly.
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Tarja ja Petri Porkka
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We raise alpacas with love and good care. We also buy alpaca wool and yarn. Our company Suomen Alpakkavilla Oy manufactures high quality alpaca wool products can be found at:

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